Information letter

The Camp

Ryske’19 is the 4th summer camp of the Lake Area Scouts and Guides. There will be about 2200 Finnish participants, and also international participants from Israel, Russia, Luxembourgh, Ghana and the United Kingdom.

The camp site is located in Nurmes, in Eastern Finland. The camp will be separated into five subcamps (Törinä, Pärinä, Suhina, Kilinä and family camp Hulina). The subcamps will be separated into units. A unit will usually consist of 2-6 scout groups, and one unit will accommodate approx. 50-100 scouts. 

The camp program will be divided into three different valleys: handcrafts valley, water valley and society valley. In addition to the program valleys, there will be pop-up-programs, such as different climbing activities, arching, a lounge and much more. There will also be programs for the whole camp, such as opening and closing ceremonies. All participants aged 15 or older will take part in service tasks to keep the camp running. You will get more information about this. 

Every participant will accommodate in a tent, and as Finnish summer weather is quite unsteady, tents should be waterproof and sleeping bags warm (comfortable temperature app. +5°C. We will send more information to group leaders about equipments etc. The camp letter will be sent in June. Warmly welcome!

Some useful links:

Suomen Partiolaiset / Juha Nurmi


If you want to travel to Finland by plane, you will most likely first land in Helsinki-Vantaa-airport. From there you have options on how you will get to the campsite:

  • Connecting flight from Helsinki to Joensuu, from where you can go to Nurmes by train, bus or car. 
  • Train from Helsinki-Vantaa-airport to Nurmes with train changes in Tikkurila and Joensuu
  • Bus from Helsinki to Nurmes with a change in Joensuu

Links to the sites, where you can find tickets for all of these options (all available in English):

  • Finnair 
  • Vr  (National rail company)
  • Perille  (price comparison for public transport)

If you live in an EU- or Schengen-country you will not need a visa to enter Finland. If you are not sure, you can check here for the visa requirements or contact the international team for further information. On that site, you can also check the requirements for travel documentation. While planning your trip, make sure that you are aware of any restrictions on bringing goods to Finland. Here is a link to the website of Finnish Customs, where you can check any restrictions that may apply to your luggage.